Chapter 28

In the first release of December 2020, we look inside the mind of a 14-year Chicagoan, God help us all. In this chapter:

  • About a Schnook – Does he live quietly? What are his personal habits?
  • Music For Schnooks: Rubber Schnook – An approach to a classic Beatles album. British version? American version? A hybrid?

Chapter 20: The All-Vinyl Episode

Get a look into the analog life of a schnook as Sean talks about records: listening, collecting, advice, and clay pigeons. (Well, maybe not clay pigeons.)

In this podcast:

  • Growing Up Vinyl – coming of age in a pre-CD era
  • My Weird Record Collection – hypertension, enunciation, and puu puu!
  • Top Ten Favorite Albums to Listen To on Vinyl – does there really need to be an explanation on this side of the hyphen?


Chapter 19

Stay safe, everybody! In this chapter:

  • How to Do a Podcast – perhaps something to do during your quarantine?
  • Yes, And – tales of an improv dropout
  • Music for Schnooks: “Going” – arguably the most significant lyric in The Beatles’ entire discography