Chapter 29: The 1990 Episode

Wait…wasn’t there just a new episode a few days ago? Well, yeah, but…let’s talk about 1990. It was a time when we needed to pray just to make it today. (Plus ça change, plus c’est la même chose.) In this episode:

  • The Year That Was 1990 – and how a teenage schnook deals with a new school and a new job
  • Music for Schnooks – How a simple Christmas present changed an angsty teen’s life forever

Chapter 26

I hope those BOOOOOOOs I’m hearing are because it’s Hallowe’en and not a response to this podcast! In chapter 26:

  • Life as a Software Engineer – a peak into a schnook’s web site job
  • Music for Schnooks – The significance of rock’n’roll albums of 1970

By the way, post-production on this episode took a long time. To get this episode out in time for October, I didn’t actually listen to the final product as I usually do, so if you notice any errors…you get a prize of…being smug enough to brag about finding them!

Chapter 24

In this installment, we take a look at a beloved part of American pop culture…AND a beloved part of British pop culture!

  • You’re  a Schnook, Charlie Brown!  – but aren’t we all?
  • Music for Schnooks – my first compact disc

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Chapter 23

A schnook hits the road and shows a rather…annoying side of himself in chapter 23 of this ongoing as-read-by-the-author pseudo-book in podcast form. (But in the actual episode, he refers to himself in the first person.)

  • A Schnook on the Road – It’s road trip season!
  • Music for Schnooks – Adventures of an ***hole

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Chapter 22

Barely in time for Paul McCartney’s birthday, a new episode that, surprisingly, has virtually zero mention of The Beatles! This chapter begins with some serious thinking I needed to get out. But after that:

  • City of Success — A schnook’s reflections on life in the big city
  • Music for Schnooks — Hopefully better late than never, a long, long overdue tribute to a true musical genius.

Chapter 20: The All-Vinyl Episode

Get a look into the analog life of a schnook as Sean talks about records: listening, collecting, advice, and clay pigeons. (Well, maybe not clay pigeons.)

In this podcast:

  • Growing Up Vinyl – coming of age in a pre-CD era
  • My Weird Record Collection – hypertension, enunciation, and puu puu!
  • Top Ten Favorite Albums to Listen To on Vinyl – does there really need to be an explanation on this side of the hyphen?