Appendix I: ONE IX

A special appendix episode commemorating the 50th anniversary of…something very strange! This is something I’ve wanted to do for a long time. Even if you don’t generally like the topic, listen anyway — it’s quite fascinating.

Online Bibliography:

Chapter 11

Just barely missed the July deadline, but here’s a new chapter! In today’s episode:

  • Sean does another Facebook bullet-pointed list
  • Chicago myth-busting
  • “Dear Ruby,” a tribute to the writings of Italo Calvino and to a source of frustration for some people in Sean’s line of work


Chapter 10

Coming to you live (well…okay, recorded) from the Schnook Nook, a new chapter!

In this episode:

  • My SENIOR Year in High School – answering a frequently-posted social media survey
  • The Mysterious Phantom Pac-Man Game – For years Sean has insisted that a sequel in the Pac-Man franchise existed, yet nobody believed him.
  • The Doors Without Jim – What’s the point? Well…

Chapter 9: The San Francisco Chapter

Believe it or not, this schnook isn’t just all about Chicago. This episode’s segments:

  • My Secret (?) Happy Place
  • Sean Goes to Prison
  • My Wife, the Enabler

PROFANITY ALERT: There are a few uncensored profanities in the preamble. I felt it would be cheap and just plain not right to censor them in the context of what I was saying.

Chapter 8

In this episode:

  • Remembering “Boomer” on his birthday – Too much to say about a popular teacher to fit in one episode, unfortunately.
  • Dick Dale, The Beach Boys, and the “Sloop John B” Myth – Gone at 81, yet gone too young still. And is it true what they say about why California’s harmony band recorded their 1966 hit?

Chapter 7

The wake of St. Patrick’s Day brings the world a new chapter in this as-read-by-the-author book in podcast form. In this episode:

  • Death of The Mad Russian – Six years to the day of his death, we must wonder: why WAS he so angry?
  • Music for Schnooks: The Cliché-Free Love Segment – Sorry, no puns based on the name of the Elektra Records band, but…well, just listen!

Chapter 6

February is a short month, but not so short that a new chapter isn’t published! In this episode:

  • Growing Up Catholic: Catholic School – Sean talks about his wacky adventures in education under the rule of the Vatican
  • Long Title — Music For Schnooks — Don’t Meet Your Heroes: Talented Dummy Edition – In honor of a recently departed musical hero



  • Sean being confirmed
    Good little Catholic boy, featuring (L-R) Deacon Paul Kolodziej, Bishop Joseph Imesch, some schnook, and apparently Jimmy Kimmel


  • Tork’n’Dorks. That schnook on the left has a weird-looking head, don’t he?

Chapter 5

So far 2019 has proven very busy for this schnook. In this chapter, we go a little bit past my 90-minute threshold, but not by far. Here’s what I have in store for you:

  • “Good afternoon, this is Sean.” Ever wonder what went on when you called tech support? This might give some insight.
  • The Beach Boys: In Defense of 15 Big Ones: I’m joined by a special guest to discuss what was supposed to be Brian Wilson’s comeback album with The Beach Boys. Was it really as bad as many fans think?


Chapter 4

Happy 2019! I hope it’s a good one for all schnooks the world over!

In this episode:

  • You Can’t Spell “January” Without “Jury”
  • Music For Schnooks: I have two ears – don’t tell me to listen to The Beatles in mono!