Appendix II: Christmas 2019

No reason for this appendix other than to…tie up some loose 2019 ends. More schnookdom coming in 2020!


Chapter 16

Sorry, no attempt at a witty write-up this time!

In this chapter:

  • Schnook Radio, Part 2 – the thrilling conclusion of Sean’s college radio days!
  • Music for Schnooks – Sean and a special guest review their year in concerts

Online Bibliography:

Chapter 14

Just in time for October! In this chapter:

  • Oh, jeez…another one of those Facebook things again?!
  • Thoughts on two decades of marriage
  • Blank (perhaps the most unusual Music For Schnooks installment yet)

Online Bibliography

Goodbye, My 4-Track disc 1 on green vinyl
Man, that orange vinyl is purty!

Chapter 13

Another chapter in the life story of…a guy nobody’s heard of is available. A bit of a somber tone, but hopefully with some uplifting moments. For this episode:

  • Another one of those silly Facebook Q&A thingies
  • Memories of 18 years ago
  • Just buy the concert ticket.
Autographed Wonderful World of Wondermints
Wonderful World of Wondermints, as autographed by, uhhh….Wondermints!
Mike D'Amico and Darian Sahanaja
Mike D’Amico (left) and Darian Sahanaja…they haven’t aged a single day in 17 years! Lisa inadvertently captured bass player Bob Lizik’s home address and phone number (blurred…for your pleasure).

Appendix I: ONE IX

A special appendix episode commemorating the 50th anniversary of…something very strange! This is something I’ve wanted to do for a long time. Even if you don’t generally like the topic, listen anyway — it’s quite fascinating.

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Chapter 11

Just barely missed the July deadline, but here’s a new chapter! In today’s episode:

  • Sean does another Facebook bullet-pointed list
  • Chicago myth-busting
  • “Dear Ruby,” a tribute to the writings of Italo Calvino and to a source of frustration for some people in Sean’s line of work


Chapter 10

Coming to you live (well…okay, recorded) from the Schnook Nook, a new chapter!

In this episode:

  • My SENIOR Year in High School – answering a frequently-posted social media survey
  • The Mysterious Phantom Pac-Man Game – For years Sean has insisted that a sequel in the Pac-Man franchise existed, yet nobody believed him.
  • The Doors Without Jim – What’s the point? Well…

Chapter 9: The San Francisco Chapter

Believe it or not, this schnook isn’t just all about Chicago. This episode’s segments:

  • My Secret (?) Happy Place
  • Sean Goes to Prison
  • My Wife, the Enabler

PROFANITY ALERT: There are a few uncensored profanities in the preamble. I felt it would be cheap and just plain not right to censor them in the context of what I was saying.